The Story


Our love and passion for animals spurred the start of Forthworth Farms, our family-owned business in 2007 with just 10 Birds in our flat apartment. During our early years we were opportune to supply life and dressed Ram/ Sallah meat to the Lagos state government which in turn birthed/fast tracked the growth of the company you see today.

By 2011 we had experienced so much growth that we invested in our farm settlement sited then on a 20 Acres piece of land at a community called Awowo village in Ogun state with 13 staff members and 2500 Birds, in 2012 we opened our first depot in Agege, Lagos state, Nigeria to connect better with our customers.

As at today our farm settlement is sited on a 60 acre piece of land, fully developed, with a staff of 120 and a total capacity of 200,000 Birds. Our staff members are provided with free housing and transportation to ensure that they are able to focus on what truly matters which is your satisfaction by rearing and growing the healthiest possible farm produce for your consumption.

Poultry Farm

How our poultry section works

Our refusal to settle for anything but the absolute best has been evident in all we do and that is why we as a farm are as self-sufficient as possible. We formulate, mix and mill our own feeds with zero preservatives added and we also rear our broilers in house and process them for consumption using a leased plant.

Our Birds are housed in coops/pens with open sides to ensure that to a large extent they are in their natural habitat. Our Awowo Farm settlement has a capacity of 200, 000 Birds (Layers) , 60, 000 Birds (Broilers), 40,000 parent stock of layers and broilers.

We have an auto modern Hatching system, A Fishery unit of 50 large ponds of 5,000 each, alongside a fish feed mill at Agric Road, Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Green House Farming

Where the vegetables grow

In the year 2014 our quest to add value to the lives of our consumers led us to diversify into Green-House farming. We started with 5 Green Houses and as at July 2017 we had increased that number to 20. Our Green Houses produce vegetables such as Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and Scotch Bonnet. To further our goal of achieving an integrated system of farming where nothing goes to waste, our poultry waste is used as fertilizer/manure for our Green Houses hence our vegetables are exposed to as little chemical influence as possible.

Our vegetables are packaged and supplied to supermarkets in Lagos State, Nigeria. Our name Forthworth Farms was coined out of our determination to keep forging ahead in our desire to produce quality and affordable products for our customers without jeopardizing quality therefore we can guarantee you the best possible value for your money. As one of the few farms in Nigeria that combines Green House farming as well as the rearing of poultry animals and processing the said farm animals for consumption, we ensure our clients are not only happy but healthy. In the long run, we intend to launch our own processing plant by the end of 2018.

Also because the Journey/farm started out of our love for animals, our dream in the nearest future is to morph into a zoo and that is why we also rear/ keep non-commercial animals, like Peacocks, Horses, Goats, Ducks, Monkeys, Antelopes, Crocodiles and Ostriches to mention a few. We at ForthWorth farms intend to build a company that will not only be a house hold name but also a company that will continue to be relevant from one generation to the next.

Honors and awards

We are intelligent and excellent in action.

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