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Our love and passion for animals spurred the start of Forthworth Farms, our family-owned business in 2007 with just 10 Birds in our flat apartment. During our early years we were opportune to supply life and dressed Ram/ Sallah meat to the Lagos state government which in turn birthed/fast tracked the growth of the company you see today.

By 2011 we had experienced so much growth that we invested in our farm settlement sited then on a 20 Acres piece of land at a community called Awowo village in Ogun state with 13 staff members and 2500 Birds, in 2012 we opened our first depot in Agege, Lagos state, Nigeria to connect better with our customers.

As at today our farm settlement is sited on a 60 acre piece of land, fully developed, with a staff of 120 and a total capacity of 200,000 Birds. Our staff members are provided with free housing and transportation to ensure that they are able to focus on what truly matters which is your satisfaction by rearing and growing the healthiest possible farm produce for your consumption.

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