Frequently Asked Questions

Why produce may be unavailable Minutes or hours after it's been posted to be available?

  • In addition to selling online, we also have customers who walk in at our physical location. Other customer group may show up to purchase what have been previously posted as available online.
  • Some of our produce are fast selling, we have them this moment and the next moment a single customer clears most of the stock. We will endeavour to post update on our page in real-time.
  • Also, orders are taken via Instagram from 5pm after WhatsApp handlers have closed up until 10pm; Those orders would usually be attended to first.
  • Orders sent on WhatsApp (5pm) after WhatsApp handler have closed are prone to risk of items being unavailable due to orders taken via Instagram after (5pm).

Why a particular Chicken Package may be available when another is sold out?

For each chicken batch process, we have quotas allotted to Bulk & Retail. Bulk (10kg sacks) may sell out while we still have Retail (Individually Packed) packages available and otherwise.

Do we take Bookings ahead?

  • Yes, we do take Bookings ahead, with the EXCEPTION of bookings for produce that are LIMITED & PERISHABLE.
  • When a particular produce is tagged as “LIMITED” it means booking for them cannot be taken ahead.
  • When Bookings are made for items that are readily available and in Surplus, payment has to be made to validate Booking.

Booking for Perishables

Some produce are better sold closer to harvest time. Bookings would therefore not suffice if not delivered or picked up close to availability. In this instance, Booking is valid only while stock last.

e.g If Vegetable harvest (Shoko, Tete, Ewedu, Sweetcorn, Cucumbers, Aubergine, e.t.c.) is on Monday, It has to be sold between Monday & Tuesday. So bookings for days after would be invalidated.

Instances where Payment before availability would not be encouraged?

  • If produce / product have been unavailable for a while.
  • Produce whose quality cannot be determined prior to been received at sales point include Sweetcorn, Okra, e.t.c
  • When quantity / quality to be received cannot be determined.

Why does WhatsApp response seems to be slow?

  • WhatsApp handlers close at 5pm which means that messages that come in after that time would not be responded to until Resumption Next working day.
  • Customers are advised to use our Instagram direct message(DM) after 5pm.
  • Upon resumption, prior messages / orders are responded to on a first in first respond basis.
  • Invoices are being raised & payment is being confirmed for Instagram orders placed post closing previous day.

When are harvest days?

  • Our harvest days are Mondays and Thursdays: This means that Customers have a higher probability of getting items they want from the Produce list when they finalize their order for the day.
  • Where there is not any delivery slot from our end, Customer is encouraged to arrange an External Delivery / Pick up.

When are Delivery days?

Our delivery days are

  • ISLAND – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • MAINLAND – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

A balance has been created to ensure there is an harvest day allocated to the 2 main segmented areas (Mainland and Island) so that both have a fair access to harvest days.

Why do we have delivery days allocated to different locations?

  • Delivery Days allocation is adopted to ensure better coordination, Efficiency and Focus on a segmented area per day.
  • We would please like customers to note that considering we run a small fleet of delivery bikes, we would usually not be able to deliver everyone’s order when they need it no matter how hard we try. This is why we implore our customers to adopt External Delivery / Pick up
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