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Forthworth Farms

About us

Forthworth farms is a family owned business that was launched in 2007. Our love for animals and our passion for excellence spurred what can now be referred to as Forthworth Farms. Our 60 (Sixty) Acres farmland is located at Awowo Village in Ogun state with close to 200,000 birds, a variety of farm fresh vegetables and close to 120 (One Hunderd and Twenty) staff members. As one of the leading innovators of greenhouse farming in Nigeria we are now more than ever passionate about and more committed to providing healthy farm fresh produce at affordable prices, for the consumption of our customers.

Our Vision

To become a relevant reference of quality in farming, providing food for future generations that is economically successful and socially responsible while protecting the environment using diversified, sustainable and good agricultural practices.

Our Mission

To ensure that through the provision of quality produce certified in accordance with the strictest policies and safety standards, households are able to prepare the bulk of their meals using our produce.

Our Commitment

To serve our customers by supplying highly nutritional low-fat chicken and a wide-range variety of naturally grown vegetables. To continue the tradition as a trusted farm by managing sustainable environmental practices both within our company and the community.

Our farm produce are all you need for your everyday dish.

Organic. Fresh. Natural.
Everything you ever need.

100% Organic

We grow all our farm produce naturally with natural soil nutrients. We are redefining Excellence in Farming

Farm Fresh

Freshly harvested for your health. Our Produce are always fresh and ready for our customers to order. We are a 100% Farm To Table farm.

Best Deals

Best price in the market you can always get for Farm Produce with are 100% health and quality guaranteed. We grow and produce all produce we sell.

Why they love us

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Alway Fresh

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100% Natural

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Super healthy

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Best Deals

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