Our refusal to settle for anything but the absolute best has been evident in all we do and that is why we as a farm are as self-sufficient as possible. We formulate, mix and mill our own feeds with zero preservatives added and we also rear our broilers in house and process them for consumption using a leased plant.

Our Birds are housed in coops/pens with open sides to ensure that to a large extent they are in their natural habitat. Our Awowo Farm settlement has a capacity of 200, 000 Birds (Layers) , 60, 000 Birds (Broilers), 40,000 parent stock of layers and broilers.


This section is solely responsible for the rearing of day old pullet chicks to point of laying commercial eggs for human consumption. We have over thirty thousand carrying capacity pens for the rearing phase. Also, we have specially constructed brooding house which is well equipped. This helps us to nurture the young chicks properly. We source our chicks from our hatchery which is provided with good quality hatchable eggs from our parent stock section. Day old pullet chicks are placed in the brooding room for proper intensive care of four weeks. They are then transferred to the rearing pens where they will continue to grow until they attain the point of lay weight. Matured point of lay birds are then transferred to our commercial layers’ section.

Considering the beneficial role an egg plays in human daily nutrient requirements, we employ modern equipment, skilled personnel and world standard techniques in rearing them to ensure our customers get high quality eggs they deserve.

Parent Stock Unit

The parent stock unit came to play in achieving a farm of backward integration. It serves as a key unit to other livestock unit (birds) of the company. We have a capacity of 22000 birds for the production of hatchabe Fertile eggs.

The unit consists of two sub-sections which are

  1. heavy breed (Broiler breeder)
  2. light breed. (pullet/cockerel).

 This section is operating a Capital intensive system and is equipped with Automated machines for feeding and as well as drinking water.

All eggs from these units are transferred to Our Hatchery unit.


The layers’ unit of Forthworth farms is a unit saddled with the responsibility of producing quality and affordable table eggs that is safe for human consumption. The over 100,000 capacity facility has 10 highrise modern open sided poultry pen houses which are all equipped with necessary equipment to make our laying birds produce at optimum capacity while in a conducive housing.

At Forthworth farm, your health is of great importance to us, that is why we produce our eggs as naturally as possible by ensuring that our birds are sourced from our Parent Stock, feed for our birds are milled in our Feedmill with the finest ingredients and herbs are used instead of conventional antibiotics. All these make our table eggs very safe for human consumption and also, we sell to our esteemed customers in a pocket friendly price.

We formulate, mix and mill our own feeds with zero preservatives added and we also rear our broilers in house and process them for consumption using our processing plant.

Our poultry breeder farms, isolated in Awowo farm has capacity for 20,000

breeder birds. We breed high quality broiler, pullets and cockerel chicks. All our breeder houses are open sided with world class feeding and drinking equipment.

Biosecurity procedures are not compromised in any stage of our process.

Broiler Unit

This unit in primarily concerned with raising of quality commercial broilers under strictest policies and safety standards. We have over sixty thousand carrying capacity pens for rearing. Out of our utmost desire to ensure broiler meat consumers get safe and healthy products, we source our broiler day old chicks from our company’s hatchery which is supplied with eggs produced by our parent stock section. This has enabled us to have full control of quality products we always desire to make available for our costumers.

Broilers attain slaughter weight as early as four to seven weeks depending on the consumer preference. At maturity, we safely convey them to our processing plant where dressing is done in strict adherence to international meat processing standards.

Our Birds are housed in coops/pens with open sides to ensure that they are in to an extent their natural habitat, our Awowo Farm settlement has a capacity of 60,000 Broilers birds.

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