Green House and Vegetation Unit

In the year 2014 our quest to add value to the lives of our consumers led us to diversify into Green­ House farming, we started with 5 Green Houses and as at July 2017 we have increased that number to 20. Our Green Houses produce vegetables such as Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Scotch Bonnet and Turnips.

To further our goal of achieving an integrated system of farming where nothing goes to waste, our poultry  waste is used as fertilizers/manure  for our Green Houses hence our vegetables are exposed to as little chemical influence as possible. Our vegetables are packaged and supplied to supermarkets in Lagos State Nigeria. We also deliver to individuals within Lagos State.

As one of the few farms in Nigeria that combines Green House farming, Open-fields as well as the rearing of poultry animals and processing the said farm animals for consumption. This guarantees that our clients are not only happy but healthy.

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